RevStream's 2016



RevStream 5X

The #1 Cloud-Based Revenue Automation Software for ASC 606 Compliance

    • Easy Navigation:

      RevStream 5X's new interface is divided into three main areas for easy navigation:
      Main Navigation Bar, Top Toolbar, and the Work Area.

      X5 Showcase 1

    • Sub Menus and Quick Action Tool Bar:

      RevStream 5X's new interface also includes sub-menus on the Main Navigation Bar
      and a Quick Action tool bar in the Work Area.

      X5 Showcase 2

    • Enhanced Search Functionality:

      Search functionality has been enhanced across the entire application.
      Users can now search on more valuable fields throughout RevStream 5X.

      X5 Showcase 3

    • 360 Degree View of Arrangements:

      RevStream 5X provides the most advanced arrangement grouping logic available on the market.
      Users get a 360 degree view of arrangement summaries, with Performance Obligations, Revenue Lines,
      and the Accounting of each arrangement.

      X5 Showcase 4

    • Bookings and Revenue Dashboards:

      RevStream 5X's Bookings and Revenue dashboards provide real-time visual experience
      and valuable insights available immediately at sign-in.

      X5 Showcase 5

    • Disclosure Reporting:

      RevStream 5X now offers Disclosure Reporting capabilities, expanding RevStream's
      unparalleled multiple reporting functionality.

      X5 Showcase 6

    • Configurations:

      Configurations are arranged in sequential business process-driven logic,
      facilitating rules creation and maintenance by business users.

      X5 Showcase 6

    • Intuit is the global leader in business and financial solutions for small businesses, consumers and accounting professionals.

      RevStream has paved the way for Intuit to change the way they will do business in the future, allowing them to do a lot more bundling of their services and products.

    • Activision is the world’s largest and most profitable online subscriptions and console video game company.

      With RevStream, Activision had their fastest close in 10 years, form 11 days to 4 hours.

    • LegalZoom is the largest online legal company in the U.S., providing easy and affordable access for consumers and small businesses to ample legal products and services.

      With RevStream, LegalZoom is now able to create revenue reports daily, giving them complete visibility into their revenue numbers throughout their entire revenue lifecycle.

    • LANDESK is the leader in user-centered IT solutions, designed to maximize user productivity while reducing IT complexities, risks, and costs.

      LANDESK has significantly improved their reporting time, generating reports in a matter of hours versus several weeks prior to RevStream.