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April 12, 2016
RevStream 5X
Press Release

The #1 Cloud-Based Revenue Automation Software
for ASC 606 Compliance

New UI

500+ Innovative

New Module
for ASC 606

Introducing RevStream 5X

Disrupting Enterprise Revenue Lifecycle Management

    • Easy Navigation:

      RevStream 5X's new interface is divided into three main areas for easy navigation:
      Main Navigation Bar, Top Toolbar, and the Work Area.

      X5 Showcase 1

    • Sub Menus and Quick Action Tool Bar:

      RevStream 5X's new interface also includes sub-menus on the Main Navigation Bar
      and a Quick Action tool bar in the Work Area.

      X5 Showcase 2

    • Enhanced Search Functionality:

      Search functionality has been enhanced across the entire application.
      Users can now search on more valuable fields throughout RevStream 5X.

      X5 Showcase 3

    • 360 Degree View of Arrangements:

      RevStream 5X provides the most advanced arrangement grouping logic available on the market.
      Users get a 360 degree view of arrangement summaries, with Performance Obligations, Revenue Lines,
      and the Accounting of each arrangement.

      X5 Showcase 4

    • Bookings and Revenue Dashboards:

      RevStream 5X's Bookings and Revenue dashboards provide real-time visual experience
      and valuable insights available immediately at sign-in.

      X5 Showcase 5

    • Disclosure Reporting:

      RevStream 5X now offers Disclosure Reporting capabilities, expanding RevStream's
      unparalleled multiple reporting functionality.

      X5 Showcase 6

    • Configurations:

      Configurations are arranged in sequential business process-driven logic,
      facilitating rules creation and maintenance by business users.

      X5 Showcase 6